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1) male agentive particle; 2) person/ male from ... country; 3) nominalizing particle for verbs, -ing [all finals except ng, ' l r]; 4) past tense particle; 5) PA. [R] (6) ordinal #)/ [R] [IW]

ah, oh, bdag po'i sgra (particle expressive of ownership or possession), affixed to many words from custom, often changed to ba after vowel or nga, la or ra, sign of infinitive and participle, often used for finite tense and for par, person who deals with whatever, inhabitants of a place, ordinal numeral, peculiarity of dialects, distinguish different meanings, used mistakenly for pa'i or ba'i, =don dam pa or fallaciousness, rain, agentive particle, part of past complement, in nominalized constructions [JV]

1) male agentive particle; 2) person/ male from ... country; 3) nominalizing particle for verbs, -ing; 4) past tense particle; 5) PA.; 6) ordinal # [IW]

1) agentive particle; 2) person from ... country; 3) nominalizing particle; 4) past tense particle; 5) PA. [bod yig gsal byed bcu gsum pa 'di'i nga ro 'don tsul la skye gnas mchu dang, byed pa mchu, nang gi rtsol ba mchu gnyis phrad pa dang, phyi'i rtsol ba srog chung sgra med] 1) Ming gzhi'i pho yig cig; 2) male bdag po'i sgra zhig Rta pa,...Bod pa; 3) Ming mtha' zhig [Ga da na ba ma sa...Da drag ...Nga...Phyin pa,...Shes pa,...Rkang pa,...Skyob pa,...Rgyag pa,...Gnod pa,...Dam pa]; 4) ordinal # [gsum pa] [IW]

1) agentive particle. 2) person from a country. 3) nominalizing particle. 4) past tense particle [RY]