phyag rgya chen po

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Mahamudra [RY]

mahamudra, great seal, consort of empty form [IW]

Mahamudra. Literally, the 'great seal,' the most direct practice for realizing one's buddha nature. A system of teachings which is the basic view of Vajrayana practice according to the Sarma or 'new' schools of Kagyü, Gelug, and Sakya [RY]

mahamudra, great seal, great symbol, mahamudra related to body, 1 of phyag rgya bzhi [JV]

phyag rgya chen mo mahamudra; supreme and (all-embracing) seal/ symbol [RB]

mahamudra, great seal, consort of empty form [1) 'bras bu mthar thug gam mchog gi dngos grub "phyag rgya chen po" zhes bya ste mchog tu mi 'gyur ba'i bde ba dang, de la rgyas 'debs pa'i rnam pa thams cad pa'i gzugs skad cig dang por thob pa de las bri ba dang gang ba med par ye ji bzhin pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis nam mkha'i ji srid pa de srid du rtag tu gnas shing gzhar yang de las 'dar mi spyod pa nyid kyis phyag rgya yin la, spong ba dang rtogs pa dang sems te chen po gsum dang ldan pas na chen po ste phyag rgya chen po zhes bya'o; 2) sku phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor te, alaya vijnana's 'khrul ba glo bur ba bsal nas rang bzhin me long lta bu'i ye shes mngon du bya ba ste, 1 of the rnal byor rgyud kyi phyag rgya bzhi. mahamudra [IW]

1) Mahamudra, Great Seal, the Great Symbol. 2) one of the phyag rgya bzhi four mudras [RY]

Great Seal [RY]