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because. in order to/ for.; hence; because, for the sake of, in order to, back, towards the back, behind, for the ske of, with regard to [RY]

since [RY]

. . . gi phyir - because . . .; in order to/ for . . . [RB]

again, back [to], because of, to[wards the back] behind out[side], forth, by through, afterwards, subsequently, out[side], in order to, [IW]

in order to [RY]

consequently [RY]

for, in order to, outside, afterwards, for the sake of, again, back, behind, after, forth, out, because of, on account of, by, through, for the purpose of, subsequently, the "purposive" clause connective, back, back to, backwards, since, therefore, to [JV]