rang stong

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"self-empty" school; unqualified emptiness/ self-emptiness [RB]

Intrinsic emptiness. emptiness of itself. [all things of samsara are empty of their own inherent essence]. the Rangtong system of philosophy. self-emptiness, the Rangtong system of philosophy, intrinsic emptiness. [all things of samsara are empty of their own inherent essence]; "self empty" school; unqualified emptiness/ self-emptiness [RY]

Rangtong. An aspect of the Madhyamika school in Tibet focusing on emptiness devoid of inherent existence. Compare with Shentong [RY]

intrinsic emptiness, emptiness of itself [IW]

lack of self-identity, empty of self [JV]

intrinsic emptiness, emptiness of itself [all things of samsara are empty of their own inherent essence] asserted of all dharmas in the rangtong system of philosophy- self-emptiness, the rangtong system of philosophy, intrinsic emptiness, also jo nang pa'i view of shentong relative or kun rdzob: chos thams cad rang ngos su bden pas stong pa'i lta ba'o [IW]