rdo rje sems dpa' snying gi me long

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Heart Mirror of Vajrasattva, [one of the 18 rdzogs chen tantras]. [RY]

1 of 17 man ngag sde tantras [JV]

The Tantra of the Mind Mirror of Vajrasattva. This tantra teaches how the lamps are the self-display of awareness. By means of 21 pointing-out instructions, the different types of people recognize wisdom. It further teaches the four key points and how to practice. [RY]

Note: The names, numbers and the tantras themselves in these lists may vary from teacher-to-teacher, tradition-to-tradition. Some call for 17, some call for 18, and some add still an additional tantra making the total 19. See also Seventeen Tantras of the Great Perfection and Eighteen Dzogchen Tantras for further reference.