rdzas su grub pa

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substantially established [RY]

(to be) found to have ever had materiality/ material existence; (to be) established as real/ a substantial entity; substantially established [RB]

established as substantial entity, substantial status, substantially established [RY]

substantially established, to be something material [JV]

substantially existing, established as substantial entity [dngos smra bas don byed nus pa'i chos thams cad rdzas su grub par 'dod do, substantial status] [IW]

substantially existing, established as [[rdzas su grub pa - substantially existing, established as substantial entity [IW]

1) materially existing/existent, materially established, established as material(-ity); 2) substantially existing/existent, substantially established, established as substantial(ity). [Erick Tsiknopoulos]