rdzu 'phrul phug

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Cave of Miracles [on the eastern face of Kailash] [RY]

Cave of Miracles, at Kailash [RY]

Dzutr�l Phuk, at Kailash. See Cave: of Miracles [RY]

The Cave of Miracles; lies to the southeast of Mt. Kailash, and is a few hours' walk from the mountain itself. When Jets�n Milarepa constructed his meditation cave with a few boulders, he first found that the ceiling of the cave was too low. Stretching his body, he pushed the ceiling up, leaving the print of his head in the rock. Then he thought that the ceiling was too high, so he went outside and stepped on the rock from above the cave, leaving prints of his feet in the rock. Shabkar stayed in retreat in a nearby smaller cave located above the Cave of Miracles. [MR] [RY]