rgyal rigs

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1) kshatriya caste, warrior/ royal caste; 2) king's family, princely descent [IW]

1) kshatriya caste, warrior/ royal caste [one of rgya gar gyi mi rigs bzhi]; 2) king's family, princely descent [syn: gros bdag dang, 'gro ba'i dbang, nor gyi blo, rnam par rgyal, dpung pa skyes, mi rje, mi bdag mi'i mgon po, mi'i dbang phyug mi yi 'dren, mi yi dbang po, dma' skyob, 'dzin ma 'dzin, sa skyong, sa bdag sa dbang, sa 'tso, sa 'dzin, sa gzhi skyong, sa srung, sa'i dbang phyug sa la spyod] [IW]

Ksatriya. A member of the military or governing caste. warrior class; princely descent, the warrior caste or royal caste; kshatriya [RY]

ksatriya, military caste of india, royal race, race of a king, 1 of rigs bzhi, royalty, 1 of rigs bzhi [JV]

warrior class/ kshatriya [RB]