rgyu skar

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the lunar mansions, stars, constellations, motion stars [gnam gyi skar ma spyi'i ming ste gza' rnams kyi rgyu lam du so so'i rgyu ba gsal ba'i bkra rtags 'dzin byed skar ma,...Nyin yang mtsan bzhin rgyu skar shar,...Rgyu skar ji tsam grangs mang yang, rang 'od 'byin pa'i mthu nus med,...Ming gi rnam grangs la 'gro byed dang, sgrol byed, 'od can bcas so] [IW]

an astrologically auspicious day; moving stars/ constellations; the lunar mansions, stars, constellations [RY]

the lunar mansions, stars, constellations, motion stars [IW]

lunar mansions, constellations through the moon passes constellation, 28 constellations (tha skar or dbyug gu, bra nye, smin drug, be rdzi, mgo or smal po, lag, nabs so, rgyal or rgyal stod or nam so, skag, mchu or rta chen, gre or rta'u or rta chung, dbo or khra, me bzhi or bya ma, nag pa or bya'u, sa ri, sa ga, lha mtshams or lag sor, snrun or lde'u, snrubs or srog pa, chu stod, chu smad or phul, gro bzhin, byi bzhin, mon gre or mon dre, mon gru or sgrog, khrums stod or khrums smad, nam gu or shes sa) [JV]