rgyun chags gsum pa

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3rd event of the day [gso sbyong gi ritual, 1st gtsug lag khang gi bdag po and lha rnams kyi don du mdo bskul nas mdo 'don pa &, gzhi bdag sogs la gtor ma byin nas having done homage to the three jewels te rgyun bshags byed, then gods, humans and soforth many people for the sake of exhorthing to listen to the dharma, having taught four verses of the chos bsgrags kyi mdo, three tantras: 'tshal ba'i rgyud, mdo 'don pa'i rgyud, bsngo ba'i rgyud, tshul khrims rnam dag gi mdo etc. explain and listen to] [IW]

the third event of the day [RY]

3rd event of the day [IW]