rma rin chen mchog

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one of the first seven monks in Tibet [RY]

[[rma rin chen mchog [khri srong lde btsan skabs sad mi mi bdun nang gses gzhon gsum gyi gra dang - lo ts' ba rab dgu'i nang gses bar ba gsum gyi gras so, glang dar mas chos bsnubs pa'i dus su bkrongs] [IW]

[[rma rin chen mchog [IW]

1 of the first seven monks ordained at bsam yas [JV]

one of the first 7 monks in Tibet [IW]

one of Padmasambhava's 25 disciples [RY]

Rinchen Chok of Ma. Early Tibetan translator, among the first seven Tibetans to take ordination from Shantarakshita and the chief recipient of the Magical Net of Mahayoga. He is known for translating the Essence of Secrets Guhyagarbha Tantra, the chief tantra of Mahayoga. Through the teachings he received from Padmasambhava he attained the level of a vidyadhara. Rinchen Chok means 'Sublime Jewel.' [RY]