rnam par

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[SK] 'vi' very, most, completely, fully, utterly, etc, completely, etc as, "about to" kha, 'bus kyi rnam par bye ba into the form, like, entirely, perfectly, thoroughly, by no means, on no account, malice, vindictiveness, completely [IW]

1) [the Sanskrit emphatic syllable 'vi'] very, most, completely, fully, utterly, entirely, perfectly, thoroughly, by no means on no account, 2) in the form of, as, into the form, like. 3) in detail/ distinctly [RY]

. . . kyi rnam par - in the form/ shape of . . . ; as . . . [RB]

. . . completely . . . ; in detail/ distinctly [RB]

various, in parts, selectively, full, complete, all, fully, completely, to the uttermost, perfectly, completely, in the form of [JV]

1) correctly, accurately, rightly, faithfully, precisely, exactly, perfectly; 2) completely, fully, entirely, wholly, totally, thoroughly, quite, utterly, exhaustively, extensively, intimately; 3) strongly, powerfully, intensely, intensively; 4) in detail, detailed, distinctly, distinctively; 5) in the form/shape of.... [Erick Tsiknopoulos]