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sign (of successful practice); logical reason; indication/ evidence; isc. expression [RB]

1) sign, signal, indication, indicator, indicative, symbol, insignia, badge; 2) logical sign, reason; 3) mark, token, label; 4) male/ female genitals; 5) trace; 6) proof, evidence; 7) travel document; 8) externals; 9) characteristic ([IW]

linga, indicator, symbol, distinctive marks, mark, sign, characteristics, gender, visions, badge, emblem, marking, logical reason, logical form (rtags is the smoke of fire while mtshan nyid is heat of fire, don is the meaning (stong), dpe is the simile (nam mkha'), externals, travel document, notation, token, manual, badge, prognostic, gender, organ of generation, marks of grammatical distinction, justification, indication, evidence [JV]

the reason, evidence, inferential evidence [ggd] [RY]

evidence [thd]

1) sign, signal, indication, indicator, indicative, symbol, insignia, badge [Mtshon byed,...Ming rtags,...Rgyal rtags,...Glen rtags,...Rang rtags,...'Chi rtags,...Zhing la sa rtags btsugs,...Mtshal rtags brgyab pa]; 2) logical sign, reason [of a syllogism [Gtan tshigs sam rgyu mtshan te, byas pa'i rtags kyis sgra mi rtag par bsgrub pa na, byas pa rtags su bkod pa'am rgyu mtshan du bkod pa lta bu'o,...Rtags gsal btang yang rtags ma grub = de sgrub kyi sgrub pa'i chos dang, phyogs [kyi] chos, sgrub byed, gtan tshigs, rgyu mtshan]; 3) mark, token, label [rgya,...Bka' shog la phyag rtags phab pa,...Lug gi rna rtags,...Nor gyi rva rtags]; 4) male/ female genitals; 5) trace (6) proof, evidence (7) travel document (8) externals (9) characteristic [IW]

symbolized [RY]

mark, sign, indication, symbol, insignia, badge, signal, label, trace, logical mark / reason, proof, evidence, sign, indicator, indicative, sign of a syllogism, etc, travel document, externals, token, characteristic; sign (of successful practice); sign, indication; mark, sign, indication, symbol, insignia, bad ge, trace; logical mark / reason, proof, sign [RY]