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. . . kyang rung whether . . . or . . . (it is all the same/ doesn't matter/ makes no difference) either way [RB]

suitable, appropriate, potential, definitely will come about, ability, to be right, appropriate, However; 1) ability. 2) to be right, suitable, potential, definitely will come about, appropriate. 3) However [RY]

... rung, whether or not, "even though" clause connective, "fit/worthy" particle [JV]

may; ex 'phrad rgyu ma byung rung may not meet again [RY]

although [RY]

1) ability; 2) be right, suitable, potential, appropriate, allowed, should; 3) however; 4) definitely will come about; 5) even though, although [IW]

1) ability; 2) be right, suitable, potential, appropriate; 3) however; 4) definetly will come about [tshig phyi ma dang mi mthun par ston pa'i rgyan sdud kyi sgra'i phrad rang dbang can zhig //mi nyung rung las phyod che,//rogs pa yod rung med rung nga rang 'gro rkyang yin,//kha che rung sna yi 'og na yod, chu che rung zam pa'i 'og na yod] [IW]