sgrol ba' zhing bcu

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syn. bsgral ba'i zhing bcu; the ten subjects to be liberated, the ten subjects suitable for liberation, acc. to the phur pa khrag 'thung rtsa ba'i rgyud they are: 1) those who slander or dishonour the three jewels, 2) those who cause harm to the buddhist faith, 3) those who steal or misappropriate the property of the sangha, 4) those who slander the great vehicle, 5) those who endanger or cause harm to the life or body of the guru, 6) those who cause dispute among the sangha, 7) those who cause hindrances towards the attainment of accomplishment, 8) those who damage or break their samaya, 9) those who are devoid of compassion and spread perverted views and 10) those who cause obstacles to those who strive in religious practice [tsd]