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Kyungtrul Kargyam - Karma Gyaltsen ([[khyung sprul karma rgyal mtshan]]); one of [[Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche]]'s teachers and regarded as one of the emanations of [[Jamgon Kongtrul the first]]. Kargyam is an abbreviation of Karma Gyaltsen. The [[king of Nangchen]] had four gurus; one of them, Kyungtrul's father, resided at [[Heru Gompa]].
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[[Category:Nyingma Masters]]
Popularly known in English as the '''''"[[Heart Sutra]]"''''', also known under titles such as the ''"[[Heart of Transcendent Wisdom Sutra]]"'', and others.
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Popularly known in English as the "Heart Sutra", also known under titles such as the "Heart of Transcendent Wisdom Sutra", and others.