skyes pa

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snying rje + - felt compassion [RY]

to bear, bring forth [a child] [RY]

1) to be born, arisen; pf. of skye ba: born, arisen, occurred, taken birth, developed, dawned. 2) i) man, male, male person, husband. ii) being, person, human being. iii) created phenomenon [RY]

arisen, created phenomenon, man, [male] human being, husband, be born I [p skye ba born, arisen, occurred, taken birth, developed, dawned, (II]; 1) man, male; 2) (being, person; 3) created phenomenon [IW]

felt; bde ba skyes pa experienced bliss [RY]

sems la skyes pa - arose in his mind [RY]

mi phyed pa'i dad pa skyes pa - experienced constant devotion [RY]

man, male person, year's crop, produce, adult, full grown, growth, born person, caused thing, something made, to be, bloom, man, male, to gain [JV]

ma las skyes nas - From the time my mother bore me [RY]