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abbr. of snang ba appearance, phenomena, presence, to appear, show, be seen, be visible, to manifest, seem, day light, app. to mun pa illumination, thought, heart, mind, ex. chos gnang to be on one's mind, to see mthong ba perception. Syn myong ba to illuminate, make visible snang mdzad to lighten, a vision, one's outlook, occur, manifestations, projections, manifest oneself, feeling for, inclination to, to experience, perceive, feel, think, appear, manifest, be present, illuminate; thoughts, mind/ experience; seems; outlook; phenomena [RY]

appear[ance], phenomena, presence, show, be seen, be visible, manifest[ations], seem, day light, illumination, thought, heart, [be on 1's] mind, see, perception, experience, illuminate, make visible, 1's outlook, lighten, occur, projections, feeling for, inclination to, snang rdzong [IW]

occur, impression, feeling, sensation, vision, appearance, phenomenal universe [JV]