so sor brtags 'gog

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analytical cessation [JV]

the cessation of corruption due to individual scrutiny [RY]

analytical cessation, abbr. of so sor brtags pas 'gog pa; analytical cessation, abbr. of so sor brtags pas 'gog pa; analytical cessation [RY]

analytic cessation DKC


This could be also translated as is individual analysis, based on the analysis and realization of the four noble truths. (KHS)

While KHS is correct in his understanding, to actually translate this as "cessation through individual analysis" or "individually analytical cessation" seems a bit awkward in English. Furthermore, it makes translate the term so sor brtags min 'gog pa especially difficult.

The suggestion of "analytical cessation" is good, but it seems more concise to say "analytic." DKC