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[[Nirmanakaya]], manifested body [RY]
[[Nirmanakaya]], manifested body [RY]

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Nirmanakaya, manifested body [RY]

Emanation body, Nirmanakaya, dimension of apparitional being, form body, manifesting body, manifestative expression of the form body, incarnate lama. Nirmanakaya, nirmanakaya. (RY)

(embodied, apparitional, significant) being, (emanation, manifested) body, incarnate, concrete patterns, embodied buddhahood, lama, living buddha, (magical, material) dimension, emanation, authentic existence, bearers of meaning, founding strata of concrete embodiments; See also: skyes pa sprul sku, bzo pa sprul sku, mchog gi sprul sku, manifesting body, manifestative expression of the form-body, manifestation body, manifest dimension of awakening, body of emanation. (JV)

Nirmanakaya. 'Emanation body,' 'form of magical apparition.' The third of the three kayas. The aspect of enlightenment that can be perceived by ordinary beings. (RY)

nirmanakaya [emanation body]. (RY)

incarnation (RY)

nirmanakaya (sprul pa'i sku). (IW)

nirmanakaya (IW)

nirmanakaya; dimension/ stratum of physical emanation; isc. incarnate master. (RB)

Tulku. Literally, 'apparitional body.' Can refer to an incarnated bodhisattva who works for the welfare of sentient beings, or to the nirmanakaya manifested by a buddha. (RY)

Skt. Nirmāṇakāya, the Emanation Body (of Buddhas/Buddhahood/Awakening/Enlightenment). Alternatively known as the Creation Body, Creative Body, Manifest, Manifestation Body, etc. Short form of sprul pa'i sku. Mahāvyutpatti: निर्माणकायः ॥ nirmāṇakāyaḥsprul pa'i sku ॥ སྤྲུལ་པའི་སྐུ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]