thabs lam

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1) plan, strategy, way to do, techniques; 2) path of mantrayana; 3) [Skt] upaya marga, path of skillful means; 4) transmission [IW]

path of skillful means. [upaya marga] techniques. Syn thabs shes transmission [RY]

1) plan, stategy, way to do, techniques; 2) path of mantrayana; 3) [Skt] upayamarga, path of skillful means; 4) transmission [technical term connected w 3rd abhisheka and karmamudra, arousing bindu] [IW]

resource, path of skillful means, transmission, technique, path of method, 1 of 2 paths of rgyud sde, methods, methods of practice [JV]

path of skillful means [RY]

1) techniques; 2) mantra path; 3) upayamarga, path of skillful means [technical term connected with 3rd abhisheka/karmamudra transmission, arousing of bindu [IW]

Path of means. Refers to the stages of development and completion with attributes [RY]