ting nge 'dzin dgu

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9 contemplations (rin chen kun tu 'phags, shin tu gnas pa, mi sgul ba, phyir mi ldog pa, dkon mchog 'byung gnas, nyi ma'i 'od kyi gzi brjid, don thams cad grub pa, ye shes sgron me, da ltar gyi sangs rgyas mngon sum bzhugs pa) [JV]

9 meditations/samadhis of a bodhisattva [one rin chen kun tu 'phags pa, complete coming forth of jewels two shin tu gnas pa, well established three mi sgul ba, unagitated four phyir mi ldog pa non-returning five dkon mchog 'byung gnas sourc of the three jewels six nyi ma'i 'od kyi zi brjid, brilliant sunshine 7 don thas cad grub pa accomplishing all goals 8 ye shes sgron me lamp of wisdom 9 da ltar gyi sangs rgyas mngon sum bzhugs pa'i ting nge 'dzin [IW]