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Top of my list of wishes for this site

  • Arhat Morya Ashram in Brazil is now preparing a glossary - demanded by law in Brazil - presenting Sanskrit-Portuguese, Paali-Portuguese and Tibetan-Portuguese Buddhist terms.

I have found difficulty in translating Tibetan words, such as; Tho-ag in Zhi-gyu slept seven Khorlo. Zodmanas zhiba. All Nyug bosom. Konch-hog not; Thyan-Kam not; Lha-Chohan not; Tenbrel Chugnyi not; Tgenchang not become; Barnang and Ssa in Ngovonyidj; alone Tho-og Yinsin in night of Sun-chan and Yong-grub; dgyu, dgyu-mi, dzyan, Ton-pang-yi [Bhikshuni Ariya].

  • I have been keeping my own dictionary of dharma terms on my hard drive which I would like to share and receive comments on. Is it possible to load the entire dictionary up to this site so that I don't have to individually edit the hundreds of entries for the words I have entered? I'd also like to be able to download the changes to my entries after other people have looked at and commented on them, but that is of secondary importance. [David Karma Choephel]
  • Would it be possible to add pictures? It would be wonderfull to exchange icons, teacher-pistures and pictures of sacred places (2erik meier carlsn)
yes, great idea, there is the "Upload file" to the side left side of the screen. And for the more dedicared, join: DharmaDictionarynet-editorsATgooglegroups.com [Erik Pema Kunsang]
  • To facilitate a wide range of already created materials -- glossaries, indices, backmatter to published books, or your M.A. papers, Ph.d. theses -- can find a home before your laptop die or your hard drive crashes. [Erik Pema Kunsang]
  • i think erik's idea of making a database of texts that have been and are being translated would be great. many people have already put the list of translations they have completed or are working on on their personal pages. is there an easy way to transfer that information onto the page of 'translations' so that the information is available in that format (organized, i suppose, in terms of text title rather than translator name...or could it be searchable in different ways?), and not just on the pages of each individual translator? [catherine]
  • a database so we can all see transparently who has translated and is translating what texts Erik Pema Kunsang

"Issues" are easily tracked using bug-tracker software, e.g. see JIRA on OpenLaszlo documentation (I've also used BugZilla); perhaps some other project management tool could be used for this. User:BenTremblay