yu ni koDa

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bka' gdams pha chos bu chos ཡུ་ནི་ཀོཌ

the father and son teachings of the kadampa school [jo bo yab sras [father and son] kyi gsung chos [dharma teachings]. the oral instructions known as the bka' gdams glegs bam. father pha: 'brom ston pa rgyal ba'i 'byung gnas kyis zhus pa [requested or told???] is called the pha chos, bu: rngog lo legs pa'i shes rab and, khu ston brtson 'grus gyung drung bu both of those zhus pa la is the bu chos instructions by atisha requested by his main disciples. (IW)

1) the Father and Son Teachings of the Kadampa School. 2) instructions by Atisha requested by his main disciples. (RY)

Teachings of the Kadampas, Father and Son, the teachings on mind training of the father, Lord Atisha, and his sons, Dromtönpa and the other spiritual heirs of the Kadam lineage. (RY)