rig pa'i gnas lnga

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Five branches of science; the five sciences, the five branches of traditional Buddhist learning. 1) nang gi rig pa spiritual philosophy. 2) gtan tshigs kyi rig pa dialectics / logic, 3) sgra'i rig pa grammar, 4) gso ba'i rig pa medicine, 5) bzo gnas kyi rig pa mechanical arts and crafts; [TRS 63-4] expl [RY]

the five sciences [branches of traditional Buddhist learning ; 1) *nang gi rig pa* = spiritual philosophy, 2) *gtan tshigs kyi rig pa* = dialectics/ logic, 3) *sgra'i rig pa* = grammar, 4) *gso ba'i rig pa* = medicine, 5) *bzo gnas kyi rig pa* = mechanical arts and crafts] [IW]

the five sciences [IW]

Five sciences. Grammar, dialectics, healing, arts and crafts, and religious philosophy [RY]

Sciences, the five; vidya sthana. Grammar, dialectics, medicine, arts and craft, and religious philosophy [RY]

five sciences, 5 classes of science [JV]

Five Branches of Learning- the five sciences: language; dialectics; science of medicine; science of mechanical arts; religious philosophy [RY]