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kha nang du bltas pa'i myong ba rang rig - the self-knowing experienced by facing oneself [RY]

mngon sum gyi tshad ma rnam pa bzhi - the four kinds of direct perception, 1) {dbang po} sense. 2) {yid} mental, 3) {rnal 'byor} yogic, 4) {rang rig} self-cognizant / self-knowing [RY]

snang la ma nges pa'i rang rig - self-knowing that perceives yet is not determined [RY]

gzhi thog - in the ground; directly on the basis {rang rig zhi thog la sgrub} directly on the basis of self-knowing awareness [RY]

rang gi rig pa - (one's own) self-knowing/ cognizing awareness [RB]

rang gis rang rig pa - self-knowing, self aware by itself [RY]

rang rig - self-knowing awareness Dzogchen; self-aware(ness) Yogachara isvfc. naturally expressive of awareness [cf. CYDz, 163.a.5-6: sang rgyas kyi mdzad pa . . . rang rig] [RB]

rang rig - svasamvitti, (self-validating, non-referential, immediate, self-revealing, inherent, self-, one's own pure) awareness, noetic act, (accepted by sautrantikas and yogacara), pure sensation, self- (knowledge, awareness, knower, cognition, cognizance), one's own innate presence, natural intelligence, consciousness, one's own rig pa, apperception, self-disclosive awareness, apperception, self-knowing, one's rigpa [JV]

rang rig mngon sum - self-knowing direct perceiver, direct reflexive knowledge that is the flash of knowing that gives awareness its illuminating quality, non-referential knowledge [JV]

rang rig pa byang chub kyi sems - the self-knowing state of awakened mind [RY]

rang rig pa'i gsal stong - a self-knowing aware emptiness [RY]

rang rig ye shes - self-knowing timeless awareness [RB]

rang shes - self-awareness, self-knowing [JV]

rang shes rig gi rgyal po - the king who is self-knowing awareness [JV]

so so rang gis rig pa'i ye shes kyis - through one's self-cognizant jnana, self-knowing wisdom [RY]

so so rang rig pa - individual self-knowing awareness [RB]

so sor rang rig pa - individual self-knowing [RY]