'chal ba

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1) not do properly; 2) crooked; 3) irresolute, [sexually] immoral; 4) fluctuate; 5) be confused; 5) total disregard (for vows etc [IW]

1 of 4 dam tshig, no gaps in being, lose one's wits, be confused, be in disorder, hesitate, fluctuate in mind, be irresolute, fornicate, commit adultery, SA phyal ba, omnipresence [JV]

'chal ba, 'chal ba, 'chal ba intr. v.; 1) to fluctuate, be confused, 2) to distort, twist, misconstrue, falsify, violate; 3) nonsense, idle talk; total disregard [i.e. for vows etc.]; 4) irresolute, immoral. 5) vi. to loose control (mind), to become deranged/ mentally ill. [RY]