'dod chags

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desire-attachment/ desire and attachment; sexual desire/ passion [RB]

passion, desire, attachment, lust [IW]

attachment, desire; desire-attachment; passion, lust; Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: khams gsum gyi gnas lus longs spyod la zhen pa Attachment, as one of the six root disturbances [RY]

passion [desire, attachment, lust: one of the six root kleshas desire of the defiled skandhas of the three realms producing samsaric suffering. syn: brkam chags dang, mngon 'dod, mngon zhen, chags pa, rnyed 'dod, thob 'dod, 'dod pa, 'dod spro, zhen pa, yid kyi shing rta, re ba, sred pa.] [IW]

raga, attachment, mibp 65, sensuality, lust, passion, love, obsession, greed, cupidity, inclination for gain, desire [JV]

passion, desire, attachment, lust [one of the six root kleshas R] [IW]