'gal ba

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. . . dang 'gal ba - to be incompatible with/ mutually exclusive; to subvert [RB]

'gal ba, 'gal ba, 'gal ba intr. v.; a breach; Virodhin, [the 23rd year, Female Earth Ox]. contradictory, obstruction, to be in opposition or contradiction to, to oppose, contravene, contradict, breach, violation, go against, disagree violation, transgression, incompatibility, conflict, contrary, inconsistency, contradiction. mi 'gal ba non-contradictory. contradiction; to contradict [RY]

contradiction; to contradict/ be at odds with [RB]

contradiction, violate, commit, adverse, go against, contradictory, transgress, contradict, disagree, mistake, contradiction [JV]

contradict, conflict, incompatibility [RY]

conflict, contradict, incompatibility [thd]

1) incompatible; 2) contradictory [with]; 3) incompatible descriptions [which cannot apply to the same thing [eternal/ thing, fire/ water]; 4) sa glang lo, Virodhin, (the (23rd year, = female earth ox; 5) transgress[ion], violate[ion] of [vows, discipline] [IW]

exclusive, contradiction [ggd] [RY]

dang mi 'gal ba byed pa to avoid doing anything which conflicts with [RY]