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please . . . ; I ask for/ (you) to . . . [RB]

[a particle that forms imperative after verbs] [arch]; please. I ask for/ (you) to.; show; verb +: please (do verb); do/ request, beseech; cannot but [RY]

[p btsal],, / (1!; 2) cannot but; 3) exist, be at [lha sar 'tshal ba red: he was in Lhasa]; 4) please, I ask [sku gzugs la thugs cag gnang bar 'tshal: take care of yourself]; 5) do, offer [phyag 'tshal lo: I prostrate]; 6) ask for, seek [IW]

to prostrate, to exist, "I beg", please, I request [JV]

to prostrate, to exist, "I beg", please, I request, offer [JV]