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Six Yogas (lit. Six Unions), (Skt. ṣaḍañga-yoga) - [[sbyor drug]] (NOT [[chos drug]]!)
#REDIRECT[[Yolmo Tulku Rigdzin Tendzin Norbu]]
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The Six Yogas are:
1. [[so sor sdud pa]] – withdrawal (Skt. pratyāhara)<br>
2. [[bsam gtan]] - mental focus (Skt. dhyāna)<br>
3. [[srog rtsol]] - wind control (Skt. prāṇāyāma)<br>
4. [['dzin pa]] – retention (Skt. dharāṇā)<br>
5. [[rjes dran]] – consummation (Skt. anusmṛiti)<br>
6. [[ting nge ‘dzin]] – absorption (Skt. samādhi)<br>
The characteristics of the Six Yogas:
The essence of Pratyāhara is non-conceptualisation through petrifying the mind.<br>
The essence of Dhyāna is focussing the mind on the appearances of empty-form.<br>
The essence of Prāṇāyāma is to prevent the action-winds from moving outside the central channel.<br>
The essence of Dharāṇā is to reduce the winds to nothing.<br>
The essence of Anusmṛiti is the great passion of the blazing Tummo.<br>
The essence of Samādhi is the unchanging bliss of the seeds.<br>
Pratyāhara and Dhyāna are yogas of the channels, as they are the best for purifying the paths of the channels.<br>
Prāṇāyāma and Dharāṇā reduce the movements of the winds of sun and moon.<br>
Anusmṛiti and Samādhi are yogas of the seeds.<br>
The other systems, such as "[[na ro chos drug]]" and "[[ni gu chos drug]]", must be referred to as "Six Doctrines" or "Six Dharmas". The Six Doctrines are:  
1. The practice of inner heat ([[gtum mo]]).<br>
2. The illusory body ([[sgyu lus]]).<br>
3. The dream state ([[rmi lam]]).<br>
4. The clear light or luminosity ([['od gsal]]).<br>
5. The ejection of consciousness ([['pho ba]]).<br>
6. The intermediate states ([[bar do]]).<br>
Combined with the meditations of deities such as [[Vajrayoginī]]/[[Vajravārahī]] or [[Cakrasaṃvara]], and the system of [[Māhamudrā]] they are the most important meditational practices of the various [[Kagyu]] schools ([[TSD]])<br>
===External Links===
*Introduction to the Six Yogas [http://kalacakra.org/6ytheory.htm]

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