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'''Drikung Khandro ''' ([['bri gung ]]) (1927-1979)
'''Drikung Khandro ''' ([['bri gung ]]) (1927-1979)
[[Image:Drikung_Khandro_Sherab_Tharchin.jpg |frame|Drikung_Khandro]]
[[Image:Drikung_Khandro_Sherab_Tharchin.jpg |thumb|256px|right| '''Drikung Khandro''']]
===Short bio of teacher===
===Short bio of teacher===

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Drikung Khandro ('bri gung ) (1927-1979)

Drikung Khandro

Short bio of teacher

Primary Teachers

  • Drikung Khandro Chodrung Zangmo Rinpoche
  • Khenchen Chatral Rahor Chhodak
  • Khunu Rinpoche

Primary Lineages

Alternate Names & Spellings

  • Neni Rinpoche
  • Sherab Tharchin (shes rab thar phyin)


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