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===General Instructions===
Gelug index.
Please read the:
*[http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide '''User's Guide'''] for usage and configuration help and the
*[http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_i18n '''documentation on customizing the interface'''] for the more complex stuff.
===Templates & Instructions===
*For '''Translators & Groups''' section:
**Template & Instructions for '''[[sample translator info & instructions|Individual Translators]]''' entries<br>
**Template & Instructions for '''[[Sample Translation Group Info & Instructions|Translation Groups]]''' entries<br>
*For '''Buddhist Masters''' sections:
**Template & Instructions for '''[[Sample Buddhist Master Info & Instructions|Historical Buddhist Masters]]''' entries<br>
**Template & Instructions for '''[[Sample Buddhist Teacher Info & Instructions|Present Day Buddhist Masters]]''' entries<br>
*For the '''Literature''' section:
**Template & Instructions for '''[[Sample Collected Works Info & Instructions|The Writings of...]]''' entries<br>
**Template & Instructions for '''[[Sample Text Info & Instructions|Individual Text]]''' entries<br>
* Sample '''dictionary entry''' for the [[Rangjung Yeshe Dictionary]] on DharmaDictionary.net<br>
* Sample '''teacher pages''' - [[Longchenpa]], [[Chatral Rinpoche]], [[Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche]]
* Sample '''literature page''' - [[Writings of Longchenpa]]
* Sample '''translator  page''' - [[Gyurme Dorje]]
* Sample '''translation committee'''  page - [[Nalanda Translation Committee]]

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Gelug index.