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'''Professor Herbert V. Guenther''' (1917-2006)
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==Short description==
==Short description==
===Main teachers===
===Main teachers===
*[[Khunu Lama Tenzin Gyaltsen]]
* [[Jim Valby]]<br>
===Published Works===
===Published Works===
*Das Seelenproblem im älteren Buddhismus, 1949.
*Yuganaddha - the Tantric View of Life, 1952
*Concept of Mind in Buddhist Tantrism, 1956
*Philosophy and psychology in the Abhidharma, 1957
*Levels of Understanding in Buddhism, 1958
*The Philosophical Background of Buddhist Tantrism, 1959-60
*sGam-po-pa - The Jewel Ornament of Liberation, 1959 - ''translation of the [[dvags po thar rgyan]]'' ISBN 978-1570626142
*The Life and Teaching of Naropa, 1963 ISBN 978-1569571101
*Tibetan Buddhism without mystification: The Buddhist way from original Tibetan sources, 1966
*The Royal Song of Sahara: a Study in The History of Buddhist Thought, 1969 ISBN 978-0877730422
*Buddhist Philosophy in Theory & Practice, 1972
*Tantra als Lebensanschauung, 1974
*[[Kindly Bent to Ease Us]], vols. 1-3, 1975-6  - ''translation of Longchenpa's [[ngal gso skor gsum]]''
*Treasures on the Tibetan Middle Way: A Newly Revised Edition of Tibetan Buddhism Without Mystification, 1976
*On Spiritual Discipline, (Dreadnaugt Press) 1975
*Mind in Buddhist Psychology: A Translation of Ye-shes rgyal-mtshan's "The Neclace of Clear Understanding", 1975 (with [[Leslie S. Kawamura]])
*The Dawn of Tantra 1975  (with [[Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche]]) ISBN 978-1570628962
*Tibetan Buddhism in Western Perspective, 1977
*Looking Deeper: A Swan’s Questions and Answers, 1983
*Matrix of Mystery: Scientific and Humanistic Aspects of Dzogs-chen Thought, 1985 ISBN 978-1570626494
*Creative Vision, 1988
*Visionary Journey: The Story of Wildwood Delights: The Story of The Mount Potala Delights, 1989
*From Reductionism to Creativity: RDzogs-chen and the New Sciences of Mind, 1989
*Meditation Differently: Phenomenological-psychological Aspects of Tibetan Buddhist (Mahamudra and sNying-thig) Practices from Original Tibetan Sources, 1992
*Some Aspects of rDzogs-chen Thought in Tibetan Buddhism: Reason and Revelation, 1992
*Wholeness Lost and Wholeness Regained: Forgotten Tales of Individuation from Ancient Tibet, 1994
*Ecstatic Spontaneity: Saraha's Three Cycles of Doha, 1994
*Klong-chen rab-'byams-pa Dri-med 'Od-zer - The Full-fledged Kyung-chen Bird, 1996
*The Teachings of Padmasambhava (Brill's Indological Library, Vol 12),1996 ISBN 978-9004105423
====Other Translations====
* "Excerpts from the Gandavyuha Sutra, II." Stepping Stones, vol.1, no.8, 1951.
* "The Natural Freedom of Mind" in Crystal Mirror IV (Dharma Press, 1975)
* "Now That I Come to Die" in Crystal Mirror V (Dharma Press, 1977)
(some of these may be short translations - if you know for sure move them up to "Other Translations"
* Das Sidat-Samgarava - eine Grammatik des klassischen Sinhalesisch." Z.D.M.G., 1942.
* "Über das ka -Suffix im Sinhalesischen und die einheimische Genuslehre." Z.D.M.G., 1943.
* "Die Buddhistische Kosmogonie." Z.D.G.M., 1946.
* "Die Sinhalesische Sandeåa-Dichtung der 14 und 15, Jahrhunderte." W.Z.K.M., 1946
* "Der Mahanagakula-Sandeåa." W.Z.K.M., 1946
* "Einige Überlieferungsgeschichtliche Bemerkungen zum Dutthagamani- Epos."W.Z.K.M., 1946.
* "Ceylon im 15, Jahrhundert." W.Z.K.M., 1946.
* "Die verwandtschafsverhaltnisse der Sinhalesischen Konige im 15 und 16, Jahrhundert." W.Z.K.M., 1947.
* "Das Geistesleben der Naturvolker und indische Welt-anschaung." Archiv Fur Volkerkunde, 1947.
* "Noun Inflexion in Old Sinhalese." Journal of the Royal Society, 1949.
* "The Conditional Mood in Sinhalese." Journal of Oriental Studies, 1949.
* "Der Begriff des Leeren im Altindoarischen." K.Z., 1950.
* "Gabe und Geber." K.Z., 1951
* "The Bodhisattva's Realm of Knowledge." Stepping Stones, vol.1, no.7, 1951.
* "In Praise of Bodhicitta." Stepping Stones, vol. 1, no. 8, 1951.
* "Friends in the Good Life." Stepping Stones, vol. 1, no. 9-10, 1951.
* "The Diamond of Omniscience." Stepping Stones, vol. 2, no. 2, 1952.
* "The Jewel of Buddhahood." Stepping Stones, vol. 2, No. 4, 1952.
* "The Origin and Spirit of Vajrayana." Stepping Stones, vol. 2, no. 7-8, 1952.
* "Our Position in Life." Stepping Stones, vol. 2, no. 7-8, 1952.
* "Ahankara and Selfishness." Stepping Stones, vol. 2, no. 6-8, 1952.
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* "A New Tibeto-Mongol Pantheon", Ragu Vira and Lokesh Chandra. Delhi, 1961.
* "Religion and Everyday Life." Middle Way, 1962.
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* "Tantra: Meaningful Existence." Maitreya, vol. 1, 1969, Shambala
* "Mind, Space and Aesthetic Awareness" Anjali Peradanya, 1970.
* "Absolute Perfection" in Crystal Mirror I (Dharma Press, 1971)
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* "The Homology of Emotionality and Rationality, Part I", Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies (Number One, 2005), Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies, Toronto
===Active Projects===
*[http://ccbs.ntu.edu.tw/FULLTEXT/JR-EPT/guen.htm The Experience of Buddhism: Sources and Interpretations by John S. Strong] - The Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol.116 No.1, 1996
(List other reviews by H V Guenther here)
===Unpublished Works (completed)===
===Unpublished Works (completed)===
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===External Links===
===External Links===
*[http://www.nalandacollege.ca/guenther.php Obituary] -by Prof. Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri
*[http://www.lotsawahouse.org/school/id72.html Glossary of terms used in Herbert Guenther's translations]

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