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'''Jnanakumara of Nyak''' ([[gnyag jna na ku ma ra]]), ([[ye shes gzhon nu]]) [[gnyags]]
#REDIRECT[[Nyak Jnanakumara]]
===Brief Biography===
[[Jnana Kumara of Nyag]]. Early Tibetan monk and expert translator who received the [[Four Great Rivers of Transmission]] from [[Padmasambhava]], [[Vimalamitra]], Vairotsana and [[Yudra Nyingpo]]. He worked closely with Vimalamitra in translating tantras of [[Mahayoga]] and [[Ati Yoga]]. He is also known as [[Nyag Lotsawa]] and by his secret initiation name [[Drimey Dashar]], 'Flawless Moonlight.' His initiation flower, along with Trisong Deutsen's, fell on [[Chemchok Heruka]]. Subsequently, he received the transmission of [[Nectar Medicine]] from Padmasambhava. He practiced in the [[Crystal Cave of Yarlung]], where he drew water from solid rock; it is said this water still flows today.
Jnana Kumara means 'Youthful Wakefulness.'
*[[Bende Drimey Dashar]] ([[ban de dri med brda shar]])
*[[Drimey Dashar]]
*[[Jnana Kumara of Nyag]] ([[gnyag jna na ku ma ra]]), ([[ye shes gzhon nu]])
*[[Nyag Lotsawa]]
* Among his later incarnations is [[Dabzang Rinpoche]], a 19th-century contemporary of [[Jamgön Kongtrül the First]]. 
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