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This page is designed to list the most useful
[Nalanda Translation Committee]
===Resources for the Study & Translation of Tibetan Literature===
*Translation tools
**Tibetan-English [[Dictionaries]]<br>
**[[Computer-based Dictionaries & Reference Software]]<br>
**[[Online Resources]]<br>
**[[Tibetan Language Software]]<br>
*Content Related
**[[Database of Translations]]<br>
**[[Indices]] & [[Backmatter Material]]<br>
**Tibetan texts in Wylie format]]<br>
===Buddhist Study Programs===
*[[Shedra Schools]] for Westerners<br>
*[[Tibetan Languaeg Programs]]<br>
*[[Practice Oriented Retreats and Seminars]]<br>
*[[Academic Degree Programs]]<br>
*[[Tibetan Institutions that accept Westerners]]<br>

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[Nalanda Translation Committee]