len pa

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upadana, ascription-organization, self-identification, absorb, connect, join, catch, fetch, get, receive, accept, take, bring, carry, acceptance, latch onto, get, obtain, accept what is offered or given, seize, lay hold of, grasp, bear, suffer patiently with, put up with, place in pempo, adopt, exaction [JV]

1) grasping, strong desire, clinging to life. receiving. 2) len pa, blangs pa, blang ba, longs trans. v.; to take, bring, carry, take, fetch, get, catch, 3) grasping: 9th of the rten cing 'brel ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis 12 links of dependent origination, appropriation (one of twelve links); Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: de la'ang/ 'dod pa'i len pa dang/ srid pa'i len pa dang/ lta ba'i len pa dang/ bdag tu smra ba'i nye bar len pa dang bzhir gsungs Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[de ltar sred pa la brten nas len pa 'byung ba yin te/ dper na bza' btung longs spyod sogs yul yid 'ong gi rnam pa la sred cing zhen par gyur pa na/ de nyid yang dang yang du 'byung bar 'dod pa dang/ de nyid kyi thabs su bya ba rnam pa sna tshogs bsgrub par byed pa'i nus pa can de la len pa zhes bya]] [RY]

1.(Tha dad pa blangs pa, blang ba, longs,; 1) gather, lead, bring, receive, take, carry, fetch, get, catch; 2) sing; 3) strong desire, grasping, clinging to life; 4) 12 [IW]

to accept [RY]

perpetuation (one of twelve links of interdependent connection); acceptance [RB]