mdzad pa

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1.(Tha dad pa) mdzad pa, mdzad pa, mdzod,, do, act, buddha activity tradition, composed, deeds, acts, write, compose (h [IW]

written, composed, authored [RY]

to do/ cause/ enact; deed/ act(ion) (of enlightened being) [RB]

active, spiritual reality, ceremonies, (honorific byed pa), deed, achievement, working, behavior, tradition, enlightened activities [JV]

1) mdzad pa, mdzad pa, mdzad pa, mdzod trans. v.; to cause, enact; do, act, compose, write, to carry; perform; made, written, composed, authored. 2) actions; deeds, acts (of enlightened being); ex bla ma'i mdzad pa the activity of the guru 3) tradition, [RY]