med dgag

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refuting as being nonexistent, direct/ non-affirming negation [cf ma yin dgag [IW]

refuting as being nonexistent, direct/ non-affirming negation [IW]

(explicit, "non-existence", absolute) negation, non-affirming negative [JV]

non-affirming negation [IW]

absolute/ non-affirming /explicit/ total negation GD refutation as non-existent, TSE (exclusion) [IW]

non-arrirming negation [dgag pa'i nang gses - rang dngos su rtogs pa'i blo'am rang brjod pa'i sgras rang gi dgag bya dngos su bcad tsam gyis rtogs par bya ba ste, gang zag gi bdag med lta bu, bdag bkag pa'i shul du don gzhan mi 'phen pa'o [IW]

unqualified/ flat/ total negation [RB]

refutation as nonexistent; flat/ total negation; absolute negation, non-affirming negative, exclusion negation; explicit negation; refuting as being nonexistent, direct / non-affirming negation, [comp. with ma yin dgag [RY]

nonimplicative negation, verbally bound negation [ggd] [RY]

existential negation [thd]