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see, envision, observe, be[come] visible/ evident, show, manifest, display, expose, reveal, appear, apparent, manifestation, show, demonstrate, aspect of clarity/ manifestation in perception, before 1, directly present [IW]

manifest; 1) to see, envision, observe, be visible, to observe, to show, manifest, display, expose, reveal, appear, be evident, apparent, manifestation. 2) vi. to become visible / evident, appear. 3) vi. to show, demonstrate. Syn gsal ba [RY]

realize, envision, to become visible, evident, to appear, it seemed to me [JV]

1) (to be) apparent, manifestly apparent, clear, manifestly clear, evident, manifestly evident, visible, manifestly visible, observable, manifestly observable; 2) to appear, to manifest, to be evident, to be visible, to be observable [Erick Tsiknopoulos]