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signatum, 32 marks, epithet, mark, title, name, night, 1 of dus bzhi, token, badge, symptom, shape and peculiar characteristics of separate parts of the body, sex, sexual sign [JV]

1) name [h]; 2) night; 3) characteristic; 4) a med. herb, mark, sign, token, badge, symptom, symbol [IW]

major mark of (physical) perfection [RB]

night, name, mark or sign, token, badge, symptom; mtshan ma. 1) mark, sign, symbol. adj. symbolic. 2) (h). ming name, epithet, appellation, title. 3) reference. 4) sex, gender. 5. night. 6. to be marked; epithet, mark, title, name; major mark of (physical) perfection; name, title [RY]