rgyal po'i khab

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1) palace; 2) Rajagriha [rgya gar gyi grong khyer chen po drug gi gras shig rajgir in india ancient capital of magadha] [tse rig] [IW]

1) palace; 2) rajagriha [IW]

Rajagriha, present day Rajgir in India. Rajagriha [the ancient capital of Magadha] [RY]

grong khyer rgyal po'i khab tu - in the royal city of Rajagriha [RY]

grong khyer rgyal po'i khab the city of Rajagriha [RY]

metropolis, capital of Magadha, Rajgir in Behar, king's residence, palace, rajagir, king's residence, rajagriha [JV]