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1) bias; 2) pattern; 3) class; 4) painting, art [par ris,//dpe ris,//lag ris,//chu ris,//zla ris,//,//khyi dang wa mo kha ris gcig]; 2) class, partiality; 3) write [a letter] [phyag ris,//sa ris,//shog ris] [IW]

1) bias; 2) pattern, figure, form, design; 3) party, team, side; 4) painting, art; 2) class, part[iality], region; 3) write [a letter] [IW]

shape/ design/ curl; sections; design, pattern, motif, blueprint; 1) bias. 2) pattern. 3) class. 4) painting, art [RY]

delimit, any figure, form, design, part, region, quarter, party, bias, bias, by a mountain, patterns [JV]

bias/ prejudice; (arbitrary) division; preference [RB]