sdug pa

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lovely, attractive, agreeable, comely, nice, dear, loveable, afflicted, downcast, depressed, prostrated, sorrow, misery, distress [JV]

(Tha mi dad pa 1) pleasing/ pleasant [thing]; 2) sad,; 3) Gsang yum, secret consort; 4) beautiful, beloved, sweet, attractive, lovely, fair, pretty, lovely; 5) poor quality, worse, inferior, poorer * [Tse] [IW]

[sdug pa, sdug pa, sdug pa] intr. v.; yid du 'ong ba suffering, sad, depressed/ beautiful; attractive; beautiful, beloved, sweet, pleasant, attractive, lovely, fair; pretty, lovely, attractive, pleasing, worse, inferior, poorer, beautiful, beloved, sweet, fair. Syn yid 'ong gi dngos po [RY]