sems bskyed

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arousing/generating bodhicitta, cultivation of an enlightened attitude GD, mental disposition [IW]

aspiration, vision, confirm [my vow], take a vow [IW]

activate, imbibing faith, idea dawning in the mind, kind remembrance, produce the intention, mind-generation, thought of enlightenment, aspiration, vision, confirm, vow, hold the vows, arousing bodhicitta, producing a thought, altruistic commitment, form the bodhisattva resolve [JV]

forming the resolve; motivation/aspiration/to resolve oneself; 1.Bodhicitta, producing the Bodhicitta, [bodhicittotpada]; 2) producing a thought; cultivation of an enlightened attitude. arousing / generating bodhicitta, mental disposition [when not particularly referring to the development of awakening mind]; aspiration; arousing/generating bodhicitta, cultivation of an enlightened attitude [RY]

1) Bodhicitta; 2) arousing/generating Bodhicitta, the arousal/generation of Bodhicitta; 3) compassionate/altruistic resolve, compassionate/altruistic motivation etc.; 4) Bodhicitta resolve/motivation etc. (see the honorific thugs bskyed) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]