sgeg pa

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beautiful and attractive, erotic, boast, brag [IW]

playful, mesmerizing (one of nine moods of dance); charming, flirtatious; erotic, to boast, brag; charming [RY]

mesmerizing [one of the nine moods of dance (form)]; charming/ flirtatious/ enchanting [RB]

coquetry, grace, charm of youth, sensual enjoyment, flirtation, brag, boast, airs of coquettish girls [JV]

1) to grace (verb); 2) to charm (verb); 3) grace (noun); 4) charm (noun); 4) graceful; 5) flirty, flirtatious; 6) flirtatiousness; 7) to enchant; 8) enchanting (adjective); 9) enchantment (noun); 10) to mesmerize; 11) mesmerizing (adjective). See also sgeg pa. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]