yo byad

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(ritual) article/ substance [RB]

articles, belongings, implements, chattels, [necessary] mundane things, household furniture/ things, requisites, necessities GD tool, instrument, utensil, instrument,needs, supplies, requisites for --, provisions, property, articles for sale TSE [IW]

tools, lag cha [RY]

tool, instrument, necessities, furniture, utensils, chattels, household articles, belongings, implements, kit [JV]

necessities. requisites, belongings, chattels, household furniture / things, articles, tool, instrument, provisions, the necessities of life, mundane things, property, implements; articles, belongings, chattels, mundane things, necessaries, articles, tool, ritual article/ substance; property [RY]

1) provisions, supplies; 2) implements, tools, instruments, utensils; 3) things, articles, items, substances, materials; 4) property, belongings; 5) requisites, necessities [Erick Tsiknopoulos]