zung 'jug

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zung du 'jug pa unity, unified, united, [yuganaddha]; union, yoked; indivisible, indivisible unity, coemergence, indivisible, indivisibility, spiritual intermediation, union, unified. coalescence; unification, commingling, interpenetration, interfusion [RY]

zung du 'jug pa (to enter into) a state of (primordial) unity; simultaneity; simultaneous; (state of primordial) unity that resolves dualities; to beintegrated with [RB]

yuganaddha, coincidence, union, (-, indivisible, relational functioning) unity, relation of coincidence, not staying in difference, bound together, forming a pair, inextricably, co-emergence, indivisible, unification, unified, united [JV]

unity, unified, coemergence, indivisible, indivisibility, spiritual intermediator, union, unified, make compatible [IW]

unity [thd]