'bras gnas bzhi

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the four types of abiding in the fruition [of a Hinayana practitioner]. See also gang zag brgyad [RY]

the four kinds of abider in the fruition [stream-enterer etc] [Entering the stream to nirv na rgyun du zhugs pa or shrot panna, being tied to a single rebirth lan cig phyir 'ong ba or sakrd g m n, not returning to sams ra phyir mi 'ong ba or an g m n, and the status of an arhat or slayer of the foe, which is conflicting emotion dgra bcom pa mvt 5(132-5(136 (gd-mk) comp with 'phags pa'i skyes bu bzhi four (arya) fruits or attainments sm phyir mi 'ong ba'i 'bras bu the four fruits, results, attainments, = 'phags pa'i skyes bu bzhi; [IW]

the four kinds of abider in the fruition [stream-enterer etc] [IW]

the four kinds of abider in the fruition [IW]