'brug pa bka' brgyud

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Drukpa kagyu school [kagyu lineage of the mahasiddha Ling Repa and, rgya Repa of Tsang among which are divisions of upper, middle and lower. the middle 'brug is rgya Repa's kyi dbon lineage, the lower 'brug Lo Repa, the upper 'brug lineage arose from rgod tshang pa, the 'brug dharma lineage arose where rgya Repa planted a meteoric iron phurba and what ultimately was the well known Druk monastery was established it was all the lineage holders root seat ]. Drukpa kagyu school [IW]

Drukpa Kagyu school. The Kagy� teachings transmitted from Gampopa through Phagmo Drubpa to Lingje Repa [RY]

Drukpa Kagyu school [RY]